Winnow. There is no philosophy; no dogma; no belief; no political theory; no thought; no idea; no supposition; no imagined conclusion or purported perfection that cannot be winnowed.

 A clue to the sexual activity of a country can be found in the system of government. Britain has a Parliament – which means they just spend their time talking. The USA has Congress, so no wonder they are more touchy-feely. But India seems more fun because they have had a Congress Party on the go for about a hundred years.[1]
Apostasy is the name given to the act of coming to one’s senses by someone who hasn’t yet.
Blasphemy is a mirror held up to an ugly face.
Criminal guilt has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Civil suits are tested on a balance of probabilities. Religious dogmas should be compared on a balance of improbabilities.
Dictatorship is where the current leaseholder-oppressor keeps the goods he has already worn out – and often cuts his losses on the battlefield.
Distract and Rule.
Fill the young with tasks and tests, duties and dreams, goals and guilt. Divert their anger towards their neighbour for flag or faith. Make the old fat and comfortable. Let neither the young nor the old rest nor think. They are not burdened with responsibilities and could be dangerous.
Freedom so far has been a sort of no-man’s-land – a short transit between one flag and system of oppression and another. It could be another country; but it needs full-time maintenance.
I do not believe that it is wired into the human genome that we need the guilt of religion to make us grateful and happy or the oppression of authoritative governance to provide us with social justice. I do believe the human brain is capable of finding a better way than cowering under the imaginary skirts of creed or flag.
I don't know whether infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery but they both want responsibility.
In the country of the blind they hang the one-eyed man.
Libel is the mistake of saying something unflattering about someone with a lot of money.
One day, perhaps, Man will slough off the cruel foolishness of religion, emerge from the structures he built to imprison his thoughts and silence the cacophony he pretends is worship. That day he will, at last, abandon his silly hopes and fears; look with new eyes at the trees and the stars and replace the detritus of his beliefs with gratitude for life and the wonder of his own mind.
Patience is a rare and precious commodity but is freely available.
People are good unless they are persuaded by lies.
Protection is where a bully thinks you are more use to him alive.
Representative democracy is a strange sort of leasehold slave market where it is the potential leaseholders who are on parade instead of the goods.
Say 'No' to thugs!
Sedition is the act of blowing against a tottering edifice.
Since religion is the opium of the people, why don’t they execute clerics for drug peddling?
The best cathedral is the Universe.
The best informed, the most scintillating, the most literate, hospitable and harmonious of families are those in want of a television.
The life expectancy of a nation is inversely proportional to the frequency with which it blows its motor horns.
The most monstrous deception of religion is the assertion that success can be obtained by following someone else. Real success comes from being truly oneself.
The most objectionable thing about religion is that it objects to everything else. Whenever anyone comes up with a sensible suggestion for human improvement, among the objections are always religious ones, carved in stone by the un-persuadable Divine.
The noisier the people: the emptier their heads.
The west is intoxicated on sex and alcohol: the east on religion.
The worst thing about gambling is the danger that you might win.
Thought is the only real defence against tyranny.
Traffic jams are a blessing. They give you more time to slow down and be grateful.
Whether it's Heaven or Hell depends on your perspective. It's easy to change your perspective: just move your head a little.